Ward 10 War Room

The Ward 10 War Room, launched on 15 November 2016, is celebrating its first year in operation with a string of achievements in investigating service delivery problems and escalating them, if necessary, to the Office of the Premier.

The purpose of the War Room is to enable members of the public to report poor service delivery by Municipal or Government departments, to the  Office of the Premier of the Eastern Cape.


The War Room has been instrumental in resolving or escalating many issues including:

  • A disability grant, and a social grant for a learning disabled child, from SASSA
  • Follow-up on an approved Lotto grant that had not been received.
  • Complaints and suggestions to SAPS for dealing with violent protests.
  • A speedy response from SAPS, with the assistance of the CPF, to drug abuse and drug trafficking issues, resulting in raids, roadblocks, and arrests.
  • Committee member George Galbraith now liaises between the War Room, CPF and various SAPS committees.
  • Complaints and suggestions to the Municipality regarding the Communication Policy. The Municipality is focusing on improving customer satisfaction, and Ms Georgina Nkombisa is now responsible for customer care.  She is attempting to list all the queries and complaints received through various channels, to ensure that each author or caller receives a response, and tracks progress
  • We fully support the implementation of the ‘Link’ cellphone app for reporting and tracking service delivery issues.  Instant reporting with photographic evidence would also help to get owners of roaming cattle convicted.
  • Cleaning and repair of the East Beach ablutions in the second week of October.
  • It was agreed that escalating complaints to the Premier about Sewage Reticulation Infrastructure, and the inability of one tanker to cope with pump outs, would be futile, so we are encouraging homeowners on an existing sewer line, to consider paying for the connection where possible.  This would not only improve the homeowner’s property value and quality of life but relieve the pressure on the overburdened tanker schedule.

Municipal service delivery issues currently being considered for escalation are:

  • Trees overhanging residential units at Shangri La, which could result in damage to property. Attempts by Shangri La since 2016, and by the War Room this year, to have the trees cut back, have thus far been unsuccessful.

Any member of Ward 10 can submit a service delivery complaint to the War Room. It is, however, in their best interest to obtain the official complaint procedure from our secretary as it would speed up your submission.

Members of the public are also invited to attend Ward 10 War Room meetings which are held at 14h30 at The Postmaster’s Village on the last Wednesday of a month.

Anyone who would like assistance or can assist the War Room committee can phone Ward 10 War Room chairman, councillor Ray Schenk, on 083 558 3195 or Nola Johannsen (Secretary) on 084 504 6715.

Issued by the Ward 10 War Room.

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