Kowie Nite bowls

Action in the Pick n Pay Kowie Nite Bowls series is getting hotter by the minute and surprises are popping up all the time and this was also true of action in the third round which was played last Friday night.

The Pig ‘n Whistle team, leaders of the B-section, and Kenny’s Sports Bar, are the only unbeaten teams in the tournament.


In section A it was Happy Veg who surprised by beating DP Engineering 15 – 7 who is still the section leader with a score of 13 +21.

Trellidor also had a good game against Port Alfred Lions by beating them 17-7 but sadly missed out on a vital bonus point.

Kenny’s Quarts maintained their winning streak by beating CR Construction 20-11 and are now second in the section with a score of 12+25.

In section B Kenny’s Sports Bar won BUCO 17-11 but missed out on both bonus points while Port Alfred High School scored a full house 6 by beating Sotheby’s Real Estate 17-10.

Leach Pharmacy also came back from a loss last week to beat CM Heunis 20-5.

The Pig ‘n Whistle team is still unbeaten in the tournament after beating Distinctive Kitchens 19-12 and leads the section on a score of 16+43.

The swindle board raffle was won by CM Heunis on a team ticket. Next, the Roll Over competition was drawn and the score for the 4 ends was “1” and as it happens there were four teams with a score of one for the night so the prize money rolls over to next round which makes the next rounds prize R120. Then the “Performer of the Night” was handed out to the winners Round Table for their win of 6 points and shot profit of 13.

Lions did a wonderful job of keeping the hunger pangs at bay with the sale of their fast foods from the pavilion and the music belting out over the greens, there is no banning on the disc jockey of the Lions as with the cricket of the St George’s Park band that are bothering the umpires.

The next round is scheduled for Friday 16th March, so see you all there and bring the family and friends along for a wonderful social evening around the greens.

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