Pat Keeton
Back: Professor Gavin Keeton and Mr Andrew Keeton. Front: Mr Rob Charlton, Mrs Maureen Norton and Mrs Margie Keeton. Image: Provided

On Monday 9 October, DSG welcomed Mrs Maureen Norton, her son and daughter-in-law, Gavin and Margie Keeton and grandson, Andrew, for the re-dedication of the garden that had been planted at DSG in memory of her first husband, Pat Keeton.

Initially, Pat Keeton worked for the Grahamstown Building Society before he joined Smit, Wheeldon & Rushmere (now Wheeldon, Rushmere & Cole) as an Accountant, following which he became the DSG Bursar. He was very involved in the St Andrew’s College and DSG communities: he served as a Member of the Prep Board of Governors (as Treasurer) for ten years and was made an Honorary Old Preppie (It is worth noting that Gavin, his son holds that same position of Treasurer on the Prep board and is also Chairman of the Old Prep Association).


Part of his obituary in the newspaper read,

Grahamstown was shocked to hear of the unexpected death of Pat Keeton at the age of 46. The full congregation in the cathedral is a testament to his popularity. Maureen, his widow is Accounting Bursar at College and he was Bursar of DSG.

The decision by DSG to dedicate a garden to Pat in 1977 is a testimony to his work here and the loss felt by the staff and girls at the time. When the school hall was built, the garden was demolished. The head of DSG, Shelley Frayne said that it was fitting to re-commemorate this space to Pat Keeton once again and that his memory lives on in our history as it does in the hearts of his family. Frayne noted that Keeton had obviously been a much-loved member of the community who was a committed and loyal servant to our schools. His legacy is seen in his son and grandson who have inherited the same commitment to people and to service.

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