Ndlambe Ward 10 Committee
The Port Alfred Small Boat Harbour once again came up for discussion at the Ndlambe Ward 10 Committee meeting but members now want answers from the Municipal Manager. Image: Google Maps

The Ndlambe Ward 10 Committee sat for the first time in 2018 on Thursday and dealt with a few new and many old issues. The longest running matter, the Port Alfred Small Boat Harbour, has been on the agenda for more than six years and committee members are now baying for action.

Sewage blockages in Van der Riet Street


The hippest street in Port Alfred is inundated with sewage spills nearly on a daily basis. The spillage occurs at the Ocean Basket and has been put down to inadequate pumps and over-utilised fat traps.

Committee member Clinton Millard suggested the installation of a system to indicate pump failure which must be acted on when it alerts the owner.

It was felt that it was the property owner’s responsibility to ensure adequate equipment to deal with sewage on their property.

The Director of Community Protection is monitoring the situation daily and was requested to interact with the owner.

Small Boat Harbour jetties

Numerous part-timers were employed after a meeting in the Jauka Hall on Wednesday and it was mentioned that they all would work on upgrading the jetties. No clarity on this matter could be obtained, however.

Committee members also objected to the long overdue Port Alfred Small Boat Harbour matter which has been a problem for many years. “We want the Municipal Manager to come forward with an official response over the issue,” PARRA demanded.

Dumping of refuse

Irregular dumping has become a local sport in Port Alfred with rubbish been dumped on the corners of Atherstone and Heron and Dickinson. Many other areas are also used to dump building rubble among other.

Ferryman’s Hotel and Annexe

It appears as if Ndlambe will now enforce a council resolution to demolish the Ferrymans Hotel which is after many years of begging still a massive eyesore on the main route to the towns Blue Flag beach.

Outstanding debt

Ward 10 owes the municipality R25 million in rates and taxes. A request by the Port Alfred Ratepayers and Residents Association, PARRA, has after two years of waiting still not seen the light. PARRA requested a breakdown of who owes what, i.e. businesses, vacant land owners, property owners, government, etc.

Municipal Properties for Sale

The municipality will sell off 44 properties around Ndlambe after valuations have been done. Interesting parties should be on the lookout for the official advertisements.

Application for Liquor/Gambling licence declined

Ward 10 unanimously opposed an application for a liquor/gambling venue in Van der Riet Street. The application was brought on behalf of Banjobix (Pty) Ltd t/a Hotspot Port Alfred and would form part of the My Pond Hotel complex.

The applicants previously operated the Snorting Grunter on West Beach.

Limited parking, increased criminal activities, drunkenness, an increased noise level, inadequate sewage systems were part of the objections raised at the Public Participation Meeting regarding the matter.

Members of PARRA were infuriated that they were not informed about the meeting.


Vagrants living in building behind the Old Market Building will be evicted.


Visitors from Grahamstown and elsewhere have said they are impressed with the way Port Alfred is maintained in general.

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