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Bird Chirper wrote:

Your article Birds of Hell invade Port Alfred’s Van der Riet Street refers;


It is not about problem birds, but about problem humans.

To illustrate:

As much as I like lions, it would be thoughtless and irresponsible, and no less cruel to the lions, for me to allow them to occupy my property in an urban built-up environment.  More so, if I don’t maintain my fence and allow “my lions” to roam onto my neighbour’s premises.

The coral tree concerned grows on an Erf.  The Erf has an owner.  It is the responsibility of the owner of the Erf concerned to ensure that the tree is kept in check.  It is also the responsibility of the said owner to ensure that no nuisance and health risk is caused by whatever he/she allows onto their Erf.

The owners in question allowed their tree to grow uncontrolled; to overhang into the yards of their neighbours, and allowed hundreds of birds to start nesting in the tree.  In fact, they found it “lovely”, collected their rent and went home.

Understandably the birds perceived this blatant disregard of responsibility as a blessing for their continued occupation, and they invited friends and family and started building nests.

The consequence of the said conduct was obvious, to everybody else concerned anyway, and inevitable.

Sadly, the responsible “humans” are now trying to escape responsibility for the sad consequence of their failures of yesterday, by blaming others who, as the birds, suffered the consequences.

The Bird Chirper

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