Kowie Bowls Club

The Kowie ladies have done it again. With Margaret Stegmann at the helm (I would not like to pay her telephone bill), our ladies staged another Jean Louw Classic commensurate with the high standards set by the 27 classics which preceded this one.

Where Jean Louw’s vision of a classic differed from the usual was that whilst our visitors could expect consistency and predictability on the greens it was inside the clubhouse that they could expect the unexpected. The theme, the décor, the flowers, and especially, the food had to be pleasing to the senses and different every year.


The yardstick by which the tournament was measured was whether even those who were not in the main prizes were adamant that they had enjoyed themselves so much that they would be returning next year.

Margaret’s Classic met all these criteria admirably – thank you to all of you

Although the rain or the threat thereof was an irritation it did not influence the standard of play and in the final stages, we saw some very good bowls.

The winning teams were I – Barbara Coetzee, 2 – Lolly Reed 3 – Gloria Schmidt, 4 – Moira Buchanan, 5 Sheila Prevost – and 6 Maureen Freeman ( her 26th visit)

Our mega-bucks on Tuesday were well attended and played on ‘C’ green. Jonty Alexander, Don Munro, and George Andrews picked up a full house of ten plus 14 much to the chagrin of the graders who feel it is a reflection on them if a team picks up a full house when the two sides are supposed to be of equal strength. Anyway, the grades are being revised and a few wings will be clipped.

Friday night we resumed the night bowls and what a night it was. It was almost as if they had not seen one another for some time. Thanks to the Lions and our members who continue to cater for the inner man and ensure the smooth running of the tournament.

During the week our Men’s Singles continued unabated but due to the Ladies classic, Linda had to postpone some of the Ladies matches into next week.

With a record entry in the Open, Steve Minnaar had to use all his organisational skills to cajole players and markers into fulfilling their fixtures. On Saturday some of our “juniors” had a field day against their more experienced opponents but after the initial carnage sanity prevailed and we ended up on Saturday night with the most experienced quarter-finalists.

On Sunday we were treated to some excellent bowls, Eric Kent (coming off the veld) eliminated Jacques Krige in a tight game but then lost to Dick Schuurman on his way to the final. In the meantime, Chris Avis disposed of Keith Kolesky to reach the final.

The final was a bit of an anti-climax. Perhaps a third game against a much younger opponent was a big ask for Dick. Chris took charge immediately with a four and was never headed. He won 21-10. Well done Chris we are all proud of you.

The Men’s senior singles and all the Ladies singles still have to be decided.

It is almost a pity the singles are just about over. It is always a joy to watch the cut and thrust of a game of singles between two doughty opponents

The “oorskiets” from the singles played on “C” green and had an enjoyable afternoon. Stan Richter, Don Munro, and Mirelle McPhee could do no wrong and ran out easy winners on the green and then made off with a substantial “snowball”

After all this activity the greens look a bit “tired” which does not augur well for the E.P. greens inspection this week

Duty List for the week from Monday 19th – Steve Minnaar- Roll, Keith Kolesky and Ronnie Smith – Mark, Sally Wormald – Tabs with Eddie Hoseck and Robert Sandiland – Bar

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